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2005-09-21 - 9:40 a.m.

Threshold had a 2 hour premiere, and I liked it for a while but then all of a sudden I felt like OH MY GOD I'M BORED. It's a little bullshitty, like Carla Gugino has these lines that seem like she shouldn't have to say them because they kind of suck. But Peter Dinklage is awesome, and you know my Point Pleasant tattoo with the three sixes that meet in the middle, that can easily convert to the design these bugs and everything keep being really into. Also Ethan Rom. I say no to him in any context. At one point Sydney said "It's zombies!" & I said "It's Ethan Rombies!" and I know you wish you'd said that.

How I Met Your Mother made me laugh a bunch of times. I'm not really into the whole framing of it with the story to the kids. Who fucking cares. I liked all the pirate stuff. AND I actually liked Doogie Howser. He's not lame like the rest of them (not in a couple or obsessed with being in one, just wants to get a drink.) But I predict his character making me mad in the future.

Kitchen Confidential needs more John Cho because the longer hair makes him super hot. Sam Weir is wrong wrong wrong looking and sounding. Also more Nicholas Brendan.

Out of Practice. Yes, I watched this. Jennifer Tilly's in it. But hardly at all. So, not really worth it. And the Fonz was so not funny, and it's weird because of course I'm used to Arrested Development Fonzie, which is funny Fonzie, but in this I get bad unfunny Fonzie. Which just makes me stare at his bad clothes and hair. Rizzo and Jake 2.0 are in it too. It's astonishing that they all signed no for this Frasier-helmed BULLSHIT. God I fucking HATE that fucking Frasier.

I'm going to give one more chance to My Name Is Earl. Although - should I? Will I all of a sudden next week find homophobia funny? Doubt.

I had an awesome Saturday night gaming with the ladies. My canasta team was called Tendyr Nybletz, and we ROCKED. Some others have a lot to learn about sportsmanship. Sportsmanship.

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