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2005-09-15 - 11:52 a.m.

The other day I was talking to Tish about her friend who reads every Beatles book that comes out. You know how there are a million of them, and she said he'll read a super huge book and be like "Yeah, there were like 2 things in there that I didn't know" and for him that's worth it. She said "He just likes to review his facts." I really like that about him, but I didn't relate to it at all. But then last night I found myself watching that documentary on IFC that is yet another punk rock history. Reviewing my facts, yet again. There was a lot of footage I've never seen, and there were people like Siouxsie, and Legs McNeil (I met him and was charmed by him once), and John Cale, and Ari Up, people who I'm always just interested to see how they're currently looking. Much of it was like the same stuff that I've read a million times - Bromley Contingent, Vivienne and Malcolm, CBGBs. But it also talked about stuff like No Wave; Exploited (Retarded) and Bad Brains and some of the evolution of hardcore and straightedge; and early 80s punk/hip hop community crossovers and some other things that punk documentaries usually end before getting to. But still - my experience of punk rock was so much broader than anything I ever see or read in these histories. I'd love a documentary to get to the Mekons while they're over doing the British part of the story. I'd love some Cramps, Gun Club, X. I'd love it to not end on um Limp Bizkit? But on The Gossip. Or some other not totally rich, not radio friendly, actual underground punk band. Anyway, it's called PUNK: attitude, and I recommend it even though they let Henry Rollins talk. There is enough of it that's just not fact-reviewing, and if you're at all like me those parts are okay too because it's kind of soothing to review, and new footage and pics and interviews are exciting, and really you can't remember shit very well. Like dates and who goes in what band and all that. It falls out.

I can't remember if I already wrote about this. When I was visiting Deborah & Tim, I was saying I kind of regret that I didn't see New York Dolls on my birthday and they both shook their heads slowly. They saw them, and they say no no no. It wasn't good. But then, they completely contradicted themselves by reporting that the top part of Sylvain Sylvain's outfit was something half leather jacket, half leather vest. That needs its own new word. How about we call it an Awesome. Oh, also, they did say in defense of the Dolls that they saw them at an outdoor festival as opposed to in a club. Not ideal.

Ok the other night I dreamt I was at a giant weedfest with Sydney and Andrew. It was super fun and in the middle of it all was a small garden like as big as a pool table with Nicky lying on his back in the middle in a patch of sun, with his paws all curled up and a smile on his catlips. The main part of the dream consisted of the 3 of us seeing Nick there, getting really excited about how cute he was, and then going off to eat some of this amazing new dessert called Coconut Pudding DeNiro. Dude! How delicious does that sound? I want to invent it, but already have plans with Deborah & Merritt to invent a pineapple/orange pie in the style of key lime. I'm busy.

This xmas: Awesomes and Coconut Pudding DeNiro for everyone.

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