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2005-09-14 - 11:50 a.m.

Bones - I liked seeing my Boreanaz in this. My Boreanaz did good. I will watch more, for him. And I feel like it's probably a good show for this type of show, which is a type I do not like. I liked the simulator thing when it used the bones to show what the woman would've looked like, but then it showed how the attack would've probably happened and that pissed me off. I like how Boreanaz wears his suits. I don't like his invasion of her personal space. I don't know how I feel about her. Bones herself. I want to like her, but it bugs me that it looks like she has an oversized square box for a head, and then like a wig that's for a more normal round head put on top of it. And then too-delicate features in the middle of the front of the box. I had a similar problem with the looks of the woman who worked with Jake 2.0, remember her? Anyway, I want to like her more & will work on it.

Supernatural - I didn't give a fuck about the characters but the scary stuff scared me. I might possibly in the future be able to give a fuck about the one brother who listes to heavy metal and is more "fuck yeah!" about the ghostbusting. But the brother who mentioned ten million times that he has a goddamned interview Monday, I cannot give a fuck about him ever unless he gets different hair.

Both shows had jokes mentioning Mulder and Scully. Each show concentrates on a different element of the X-Files that the X-Files did a trillion times better. So I guess they have to make a nervous joke about that.

Did I mention Boreanaz' suits? How he wears them? Into it.

The O.C. premiere was weird - no big social event? I guess that's coming this week. And hopefully, every week after that. I wish Marisa had died last season instead of CayCay.

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