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2005-05-30 - 2:50 p.m.

Last night I almost started crying because this logo thing on my TV screen said Horn Abbott next to a picture of a monk. I felt like instead of the Saturday Night Live DVD game that we were going to play, Sydney had instead put some religious thing in & just left the room & I was going to have to get up and turn the evil thing off or else watch it. I got this weird chill not knowing if she meant to be evil or was duped. It was like. Say the chupacabra got your home address & you heard it whispering to all its chupacabra friends. It was that kind of terrible chill where you're like am I just drunk or. That has to be it. It turns out this does come on before the SNL game starts. The devil only knows why. Anyway, I think I'm kind of not myself from having no pot & should maybe put some effort into finding some. It is summer after all. Or whatever. Spring? It is whatever season it is after all. I'm going to really get on it now. For reals. So we played the SNL game and Sydney was Matt Foley & I was Will Ferrell the cheerleader and Sydney got all personal with Matt Foley about what kind of luck he was or wasn't bringing her. I don't know who won or if we finished.

When LLoyd sits in the window with the sun striking her pink wet nose you'd better shield yourself. The gleam is like a Q-tip swabbed in lightning and stuck in your eyeball. The gleam of the the cream is like. It's like having a 5-lb. blanket on your lap made of stingray pelts.

LLoyd has a new nickname, and it is LLace. Use it!

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