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2005-01-12 - 11:08 a.m.

Monday I saw Million Dollar Baby. I just read a book about women boxing recently, & so basically between the 2 I'm a boxer. Clint Eastwood looks like an alien, with just a bit of a nose. Anyway, it was really good, but way sadder than I was prepared for. I thought she was going to kick Apollo Creed's ass and then kick B.A. Baracus' ass and then kick Dolph Lundgren's ass and then we'd all have a party. That isn't exactly how it went down. Really good though, despite Clint's weird stuff with women. Alien love is always weird I guess.

Also I'm reading the Murakami's "Kafka on the Shore" and I realized every, or almost every, book I read of his always has odd descriptions of women's bodies that stop me in the middle of reading and make me wonder what is the deal here. Is it a translation thing? Ok, here is the one so far: "She isn't very tall, with a nice bust for such a slim body and good-looking legs." I think bust is really weird. And I think he uses, or the translator chooses, "slim" a lot. Is that weird? Like they're not outdated words really, but a tiny bit? When I re-read his stuff, I'm going to have to write them down so I can obsess on this more.

So, I'm mostly sitting around watching TV and stuff, but I also do some really dangerous shit. Like I said, I went to the movies Monday. It was the middle of the fternoon, and I took the el. This is completely badass of me, since apparently women are not fucking safe riding the el in the middle of the afternoon, like the woman who was fucking raped the other day in a Blue Line car at 2 in the afternoon. What the FUCK??? And did you see that Trib article about the crazy dude who walks around downtown assaulting women, kicking or punching us, any time of the day, in crowds or whatever? Because the fucking state will not take care of him and give him a place to live and his fucking medicine? GOD. I hate that 99% of all dudes have no idea what it is to wonder if you could be in danger walking around DURING THE DAY.

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