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2004-12-22 - 11:51 a.m.

I have had triple Crimbo, so far. Club Crimbo, where the best thing was that Chris made Nina a t-shirt with Dr. Perez on it. God, his big pink noser is a SIN. Then, Tish/Mich Crimbo, where the best thing was Michelle brought Tish this cereal called Scott's Porage Oats I think? that has a brawny, cleavagey man in a kilt doing stuff all big. Then Syd & Pamster Crimbo, where I got a Willow action fig that I needed desperately. Transformation Willow. Sydney liked her Cheech & Chong Russian nesting dolls, & didn't already have them.

Joffrey Jellineck from Strangers with Candy looks like Thom from Queer Eye. I need to see them next to each other to really get a handle on how much it may just be my imagination. However I'm much surer of the identicality of Austin Scarlett from Project Runway & Rachel Griffiths. Please check him out on the next ep & picture him with raven tresses.

What else. I'm reading this book that will be out in Feb. on boxing, & aggression in women & girls. Basically I feel like I'm holding back waaaay too much aggression all the time, & I want it to fly free like an angel eagle. I don't really want to box though, because of the sweatiness factor. GROSS. Also the hurting. And you have to jumprope. My boobs hate that kind of thing. Is there something aggressive I can do while lying on my side? I guess just sing a whole lot lot lot more.

My aunt just called me all indignant. "Why didn't you tell me Oprah's gay???"

When are people going to be fucking sick to death of that fucker who hosts Subterranean & gets to interview PJ & Le Tigre & other awesomes & just craps it up tardstyle? When are we going to take to the streets & liberate him of his job, if not his mouth? He doesn't really deserve physical violence, just a boring job.

Galaga calls NOW

*perv* *next*

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