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2004-12-02 - 9:45 a.m.

Please tell me you saw Leno with Tina Fey & Amy Poehler. And, um, Chong. Tina & Amy were funny and stuff, and then Chong came out. First let me say that since Halloween, Sydney is Chong always, and responsible for anything he does. Ok. So, he made some retarded jokes about how Martha Stewart would like prison because she's a lesbian, and he talked about how he doesn't smoke pot anymore but is addicted to dancing. He got Amy Poehler up to demonstrate some tango business, and said to watch out for pervy teachers, that they might do �this,� & then he grabbed her ass. The audience cracked up because you know how people think it's funny for men to grab women's bodies, especially if they are old white famous dudes. So then he tried to go for it again, & she stopped him & put her fist in his face. He then said �If he holds you close to try to feel your titties, that's ok...� and Amy said �What about if he does this?� and grabbed his ass, then �What about this?� and grabbed his WEINER. He got all nervous & jumpy & laughy & she is my hero. I'd have liked it if she actually punched him in his weiner. Weinerpunch weinerpunch weinerpunch! Weinerpuncher!

Have you heard Robert Downey, Jr. singing from his new album? Really you have to see it and hear it. Very Al Jarreau with the faces & incomprehensibility. What if I saw him on the street and yelled �You Jarreau, girl!� That would be so dumb, it's so dumb to even write it down or think it. But kind of cool?

Project Runway is the fucking best show. I watched it last night and it's all mixed up in my head with last night's Lost. I wish Locke was on Project Runway. He is the most innovative motherfucker on that island. The way he was just chatting and tanning that hide? Who tans a hide not figuratively?

Lar lar lar.

*perv* *next*

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