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2004-10-28 - 9:54 a.m.

I'm back online thanks to The James who rid my computer of three million viruses & a ton of alphabetized porn, and was super nice about it all. Worms and porn worms and porn worms and porn. What is for supper worms and porn worms and porn. To sup upon.

This weekend I went with The Ladies of CLUB to this flea market. It was awesome & I bought a fatass pack of Sharpies that will rock your world when I draw you something. I had a bad cold which comes with a side order of deafness & is still lingering, & I took some flu medicine plus Vicodin plus smoked some pot, & I felt really good until the last time through the flea market when I felt like I was going to pass out which I have never ever done before. How fucking dramatic would that be. I feel like I'd flail around & take down a ton of fancy cakey lace tiny baby communion dresses with me. There sure were a lot of those there. Also you could be pretty set for bandannas or videogames there.

We next went to the Brat Stop or the Brat Spot, I cannot rememb. You can of course buy brats, but you can also see heavy metal bands. It's apparently a regular stop on the circuit. Slaughter will play there soon. Also there was some sporting event on TV, & whenever someone would make a point or whatever, a ton of sirens would go off. Loud.

I got the new issue of Toyfare and it has all the Buffy 12" action figures ever made, and I am so in love with this magazine. For a while I was looking at it every night before going to bed. The way I normally do with my B/A trading card binders. The other day Syd & I played Choose One Figure From Each Page and it was super fun & now I want to get another copy of the mag so I can cut them all out & make people randomly draw pairs to choose between. I could do this for hours. Have you ever thought about the new Ultimate Buffy Trading Card set that's coming out & how they may possibly find it in their hearts to do one for the action figures, where you get everything, & then they give one away to the most obsessed fan & maybe they comb online journals to come up with this person. And they take into account how meager are your means. Have you ever thought about that? I do every day.

Tonight Ewan's show premieres on Bravo, where he & his manfriend ride their bikes around & grow beards. Can't wait.

Also did you know how invested Albert Maysles is in thinking the Grey Gardens ladies are extremely healthy & not crazy at all? I saw him speak at Film Fest after the movie, & he was super into convincing us of that. He also said he know of "a fashion designer, famous, who looks at the movie every 3 months for inspiration." WHO???

*perv* *next*

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