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2004-08-09 - 12:39 p.m.

I really have been doing stuff! For example. I have spent hours a day for weeks re-doing my room! God it is fucking pretty, you guys. It's all clean, and I know what I own, & there aren't murky unsure corners anymore. It's set up like a sitting room and you'd actually maybe want to sit in it now!

What elsers. I saw Spidey 2 finally, which made me think soooo much about Buffy. It's so much worse for her - has he had to kill Mary Jane? I don't think so.

I also saw "Sunrise" at the Music Box. There were these 2 talky ladies, maybe in their 60s, & they'd stop talking for a while when we stared at them, but then they'd start up again. As Andrew is fond of pointing out about old people & their vocal reactions to movies, THEY CAN'T HELP IT. So, the last shot is this beautiful close-up of a woman's face and one of the talkers says "She has a mustache." "Really? She does?" "Yeah. See it?" "I see it." Then the music swelled & that was it. Good times.

I'm reading "Sex Revolts," which tells on all the rock & roll misogynists. I sure do love the Stranglers, but I'm not sure if I can listen to them again.

Also I just finished "Perfect Circle," which made me so happy I don't see ghosts, and I'm reading Jonathan Lethem's new stories "Men and Cartoons," which are perfect for before bed. "Perfect Circle" is not perfect for before bed, because you'll wake up & think you can only see your bedroom in one color, and freak out.

Will Andrew go with me to see Collateral today? Or Zatoichi? His pick. We'll see.

Really that was Sydney with the bedroom-cleaning stuff. Make her think you think it's me though.

*perv* *next*

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