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2004-04-21 - 11:34 a.m.

Did you see the Dinner for Five with Burt Reynolds. Oh my god. I'm thinking whatever arrangement he has with the world, I'd like. Jon Favreau obviously gathered together a bunch of other dudes willing to completely worship Burt, & everyone was warned ahead of time that that was how it was going to be. Monk, King of Queens, Favreau, & someone else I can't think of would sit around & listen to stories about Deliverance, & Burt pretending he knew Mitchum, & of course his eternal love for Dinah Shore, & at least one story that I remembered already reading in his autobiography. He looks like....he had his skin all burned clean. And then painted copper. Oh, & of course it deteriorated into Iron John manfeel time with Burt talking about no approval from his daddy & lots of tears in eyes. Probably how my lunch with Andrew will go today. Oh, also there was this part where King of Queens talked about this amazing experience where we trained with a pro-wrestler for something or whatever. And he was going on being thrown around like a rag doll. His words. And how weird it was to know this guy could overpower him at any time & there's nothing he could do about it. Besides the fact that he got all romantic about it & it was obviously his major fantasy which was cool, it made me so mad that this is how most people experience life - there are ALWAYS people around you, on the bus, on the street, wherever, who could do that. He seemed to never even have thought about it before. I am buying some shrinking powder & heading to King of Queens's house.

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