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2004-03-08 - 12:43 p.m.

Dark Willow arrived on my doorstep a few days ago. I LOVE her. I got all excited to take a photo & email to Andrew, & I did take a photo & then the disc my camera uses is so much bigger than the disc slot on my computer. I just kept pushing, thinking a magical extra part would open up. No. Anyway, Dark Willow is gorgeous & awesome. And I realize I can't buy all six Willows but I really want vamped-out Dopplegangland Willow & now they're making a "Together Forever" double-pack featuring Willow & Tara AND MISS KITTY FANTASTICO and I need that & is that going to be the same Tara as the regular Tara figure will be? And why are there 4 Anyas? How about 4 Drusillas instead? Who's going to buy all those Anyas? And with all the Cordys there are, why don't any of them really capture her for me? And did you see Amber Benson on Cold Case last night playing a member of Jane the underground abortion network? Love her! And did you get the Sopranos & the L Word all mixed up in your head? Sydney pointed out that they both have therapy going on, & I wish Tony Soprano was in that L Word therapy group where you lie down on the floor in a circle. I wish Silv & Walnuts & Christuffuh were in it too. And I wish Shane & Adriana were having the hottest fucking affair. Also this morning I read an interview with Andy Hallett, who plays Lorne on Angel. He is obsessed with Larry Sanders, & particularly with Artie. When the interviewer asked "How did you end up doing Angel?" He gave a look & the question was rephrased. He seemed really, really, really awesome. I'm seeing Robot Stories with Andrew tonight, & my goal is to leave the house before that & walk around before I seriously get couchsores.

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