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2004-03-04 - 11:04 a.m.

Every time I watch a Hitchcock movie & spot him, I think of another master director. Mister Sylvesty Stallone. The first time that my mom and I saw "Staying Alive" in the theater, I recognized Sly as the fur-coated dude Tony bumps into on the street. I was pretty sure no one else picked up on it, & that maybe I'd get to claim some sort of prize for being the one to really GET Sly & appreciate his slick trick. It turns out my mom was also quite a sleuth, & not only had she seen it but she was pretty sure everyone in the audience had & that it was supposed to be obvious. Whatever. She did admit that it was pretty cool, & then she told me how Stallone was being like Hitchcock, who could be spotted somewhere in all his movies. I had to check out this dude who'd had such an obvious influence on the master. We rented "Psycho" & I liked it but a few years later when "Psycho III" came out I thought that movie was so much better, & watched it repeatedly. Gross. The point is, "Staying Alive" holds up LIKE A LIQUOR STORE.

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