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2004-03-03 - 11:18 a.m.

Queer Eye: Carson is looking more & more like Klaus Kinski.

Top Models: I have wanted Yoanna to win so badly from the beginning. But then she called herself & Camille "Ebony & Ivory" twenty million times over the course of the ep AND started talking about Jesus a bunch. I think they specifically decided we need to hate her. So now I just want...Janice to win. I was looking at the Television Without Pity Janice forum & someone was like "Remember when Janice told Sylvester Stallone she was having his baby & it turned out to be someone else's?" What a beautiful person those 2 people would make. Like a Carl the giant from Big Fish. But a Spitting Image puppet of him.

There are new Buffy cards coming out in April. The theme is Big Bads. Tish & I are splitting a box! Autograph guaranteed in every box! Contain your jealousy!

Last night Sydney & I caught part of that Angel from the end of last season during all the Jasmine business where that thing has a man suspeneded & is doing "blood magic flesh magic" & goes "tick tick tick rattle rattle" & then says to Wesley "You is talking meat. Don't make me come down there." Sydney replayed it seven thousand times. He said a bunch of other deranged shit, too. I'm not a fan. It made me wonder who you would do - him, or Prince of Lies?

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