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2004-02-12 - 10:28 a.m.

I have always seen the character of Spike as having fascist elements, or as just really easy to read as fascist. Particularly in "Fool for Love," when he is killing the black Slayer Nikki Wood on the subway car. That scene is a fight that is really like a rape scnee, with fascist overtones. He's not really a proper "organize the middle class to kill minorities & smash working class" kind of fascist, but he certainly is the Aryan-blonde street terror killing & sexually degrading a black woman on public trans. And getting a rush out of it. And this makes sense, of course he would be delighted by such an historical movement & fine to wear the uniform & easily-torn-off armband even if vamps always stand outside historical movements because they're around for so long. Spike was never as outside humanity as Angelus, as we found out for the first time end of season 2 when Spike made that pact with Buffy to save the world full of "Happy Meals on legs" when crazy-ass Angelus & Dru were going to get us with the blue Judge. The swastika imagery of the Sex Pistols could easily have been why he picked up his first album, or maybe went to his first show of theirs.

His HAIR. Who did he look like? I kept thinking Dave Vanian, but I think that's wrong. Maybe if lace cuffs were peeking out.

I have a huge problem and it is this - how can I now explain "School Hard," the very first Spike/Dru ep, when Angel tries to play it off to Spike like he's still all badass & they are killing friends & Spike reveals he knows Angel has a soul, & clearly is disgusted & betrayed-feeling. It's beyond the whole "You were my sire, man" problem (when we find out later Dru was his sire, & we all decided he really meant grandsire...) & now that entire conversation seems strange. Help. It makes me crazy.

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