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2004-02-09 - 3:24 p.m.

I have a cold, specifically Sydney's cold. It loves our apartment & when I'm done with it, I'm sure it'll go back where it came from. Into her mouth-mouth. Back & forth, hopefully through the spring & into the summer.

We have been watching the Ben Stiller DVDs & the best part of the commentary is Stillsy's mortification with his own early 90s style. Yeah, it's gross. It is GROSS. Puffy paisley-type tucked in shirts & jackets that are cut all razor sharp. He's so upset with himself all the time. That is one funny, vain, toothy monkey.


I'll pet the whole world with a knife!


Andrew & I are going to get dragon insurance, I've decided.


The Grammys gave me a funktastic scare. Why why why? Way too much funk. It was like a hostile takeover. White Stripes were awesome of course, & everything else is a blur. Outkast could start playing new songs now after this, right? At big events? New songs? I missed Prince, I'm sorry to say. Do you think he hung out backstage with other people? Maybe with a fringey triangle over his face.

Ice cream is the friend of my throat.

*perv* *next*

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