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2004-01-28 - 12:44 p.m.

I'm sorry I have no time for you anymore. It's all Tivo's fault. I've been watching tons of old movies including the completely queer "Sylvia Scarlett" where Katherine Hepburn has to pass as a boy named Sylvester. I've also been watching any Hercules featurine Xena or Ares. Not to mention Sofia Coppola's short film "Lick the Star," Space Ghost & Brak, Jack Black (in fringe! he reads dirtynerd!) on Regis, The L Word, Hey Monie, Larry Sanders, Cleopatra 2525, & then all the rest of my regular progrums & stories that you've already heard me talk about a million times.

Speaking of, Angel rocks. "It's pronounced Matchabelli, and it doesn't come in a can, genius." Did you know that whole ep was a big homage to some Superman comic where Batman was taking over Superman's place or something like that? You probably did.

I need to comment on something outside of the big box in the living room where my heart resides. Ok, here is something from work - we're going to have a discussion soon on how to deal with fuckers with cell phones who walk around talking in the store! I can't wait! There was this kickass confrontation between a fucker who was being super loud on one of those - um, not cell phones but weird facial accessories that people speak into about "I'm going to go to Starbucks & later watch Jackass" & this woman who was sick of him & happened to also be a self-defense instructor. She asked him politely to not be so loud & he left then hung around outside to intimidate her when she left. That so didn't work to his advantage. He didn't get physically hurt, just intimidated by her lack of passive behavior, & he finally left her alone & seemed scared & nervous. She came back in to tell me & my co-workers about it. Love her! Anyway, I can't wait to tell people to shut it on up.

I scarcely remember the days before Tivo. I know I used to read books! Did I ever really get anything out of them? I really don't rememb.

*perv* *next*

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