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2004-01-21 - 1:40 p.m.

Everyone thinks about having a man-size cat. Didn't Kate Atkinson write about it? Something I just read had a man-size cat in it, & I'm sure it was her. It is a common thing. Everyone also dreams about Dave Attell a lot even though he says retarded anti-woman shit sometimes a lot. Everyone does, so no shame there. Everyone is ridiculous with the love of the peanut butter Oreos & the fantasizing about the mint ones they haven't tried yet, & of course everyone spends tons of time lying in bed thinking about the Frayverse vs. the Fireflyverse. Everyone is going to be famous one day, everyone just knows it. It's just hard until then, feeling like everyone isn't just wasting huge amounts of time. Also everyone's room is a fucking mess.

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