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2004-01-17 - 10:32 a.m.

The last Angel was so fantastic. I loved when Harmony yelled at the co-worker who hates her "YOU KILLED THAT GUY AND PUT HIM IN MY BED!" That is a fucking awesome thing to yell at someone at work.

I'm reading this book Seven Crows where Buffy, Angel, Riley & Riley's wife Sam are all together. At one point they're driving & Angel decides Riley & Sam are "too square" for him to be with another minute, so he makes them let him out by the side of the road. I wish he'd just eaten them. The whole scenario is just really hard for me to picture, especially the part where Riley isn't at all acting like a huge threatened baby because of Angel being there. You know he would. Finn sucks.

I saw Monster last night. Charlize is astonishing. And this woman had to have her entire life fucked up & then taken from her pretty much because no one would rescue her from rape as a little girl. Or maybe that's not her truth, it's not a straight cause & effect like that, but that is one of the things I got from the movie version of Lee Wuornos. Should we have talks about rape in schools? In kindegarten? How do you fucking get in there, into the nuclear family, to know what's going on? Poor Lee. It maybe wasn't even those first rapes at all. Maybe it was the last, most brutal one that did it. She was all about being the President of the United States. She didn't kill dispassionately enough to do that job. Maybe I'll write more about her later, I can't stop thinking about her & can't really organize my thoughts. Journey will certainly never sound the same.

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