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2003-12-17 - 12:05 p.m.

Jim Jarmusch's hair is as beautiful as you'd expect. I didn't get up close, but even from afar I could tell it was gorgeously wide, not just tall. He talked about how much he likes poetry & poets, & he talked a LOT about how to make art all the time that is what you want to make, & how he doesn't have any money or anything but fancy directors give him their unused film stock sometimes, & he'll make a short film that uses exactly the amount of film he has. And...American money comes with too many strings attached so he gets money from like French & Japanese people. I must try implementing that. And he's made some music videos, including Tom Waits's "I Don't Wanna Grow Up," and he got into big fights with Tom about editing that, & he locked Tom out of the studio, & also Tom got so mad he said "Jim, I swear I'm gonna glue your hair to the wall." Also Jim made some jokes about his own hair being made out of wax & how easily it could melt. Here are 2 questions people asked: "If you could go back and start over with nothing but had to make movies out of only what's in your mind, what would you do?" and also "What I essentially want to ask is your movies essentially are filled with a lot of love, & where does that love come from?" So yeah. He actually answered the second one kind of seriously, something about The Great Mystery. A few people wanted to give him their movies, & he totally took them & was like "I'll check it out!"

Sunday night I was going downtown & this really fucked up guy was the only other person waiting for the train & he was entirely too close to me. He told me the following stories, as best as I could understand him, both of which upset him greatly:

1) A waitress downtown at a restaurant wouldn't clean up a table because why should she, there was spit all over it. He asked her, was it vomit? No, it was spit, & a Chinese lady did it because she didn't want to spit outside, & it smelled like breath. IT SMELLED LIKE BREATH.

2) A white lady told a Chinese lady "Your hand stinks!" she told her "Your hand stinks!" she said "Your hand stinks!" And it did, it smelled because she sucked her thumb!

Sorry he stole all of your material.

I am, for today, in love with Paris & Nicole. At first I was like whatever, but I decided to not get all mad at how rich & gross they are & instead think of how fun they are like Romy & Michelle. SO much more fun than those fucking Rich Girls. Alvin Simon Theodore.

*perv* *next*

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