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2003-10-27 - 11:31 a.m.

"Prey for Rock & Roll" is so fucking hot & the awesomest. Gina Gershon is like some genius of hotness who could totally just phone in her hotness, but instead wants to reach new levels of hotness & she succeeds. She takes your breath away & makes you uncomfortable in your seat.

This movie is about violence against women, & it makes you realize how many movies you watch that feature violence against women & how few that are really about it. About how it feels, & how people treat you after something shitty has happened, & what you can do to deal, & what you can do to perpetrators. And how this entire culture is so much in line with, & giving support to, individual perpetrators of violence. Jacki's obsession with how her looks at 40 will affect her rock career is not a totally separate issue from the violent acts men do to women in this film. It's all one battle, & I loved watching these women fight it. I loved these funny, tough, relatable, super skilled ladies. There are a couple things I'd feel critical of if it weren't a true story (specifically a death, & I thought that Cheri's in a longtime relationship w/a woman) - but I guess things happen how they happen. I can't wait to see this again. I love Cheri Lovedog's songs, I had no idea they were so feminist. And I am just going to come out & say this - Riley was hot. Judge me after you see it for yourself.

Yesterday I went with Club to Apple Holler. I bought this chocolate cheese fudge, made with American cheese. It's really good. At the table where we ate, there were several knives & a partial pickle on the floor next to us. Like being at your house.

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