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2003-09-08 - 1:25 p.m.

1. I'm fucking sick of being afraid in my own home because of this motherfucker who had the nerve to knock on our door saturday night and ask if we've seen her. like just because he stands on his hind legs i'm going to speak to him like he's a human being.

2. It makes me tired to try & think how to explain the preview i saw for "radio" with your hero cuba gooding jr. how can i explain how offended i was - i was offended to the middle of my bones. to the good-soup-making marrow way inside me. this movie about a man who's teeth are so large and odd that they retard him? and he is a mascot for a football team and ed harris is like "radio you can't come with us this time..some people don't understand, radio..." and ed harris is also like "we haven't been teaching radio....RADIO'S BEEN TEACHING US!" and debra winger is there too being like "radio needs you more than me." and radio keeps falling in the mud.

3. So i hate jai on queer eye & i always thought he was a little annoying & pretty useless but when he told that guy that you know women are hot for you if they accidentally brush their tits or are touching around their parts that get excited, or however he phraseed it. um. that was when i knew i totally hated him & that he thinks women are monkeys i guess and that he should give straight guys MORE crazy ideas about being able to read minds & decide women are hot for them. so, i hate him, & i know the perfect hotter-than-hot replacement. cap'n jack sparrow!

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