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2003-09-03 - 1:43 p.m.

My closure to the last entry is this: I don't know where she is, but the good news is her husband also doesn't know where she is. He had his friend ask me where she is, as if! So I imagine she got help from a shelter or something, because she was pretty through with his sick wifebeating ass & had been telling him he needs to give her some $ to just leave but you know he didn't want to do that. So I think she just left. And she knows I would help her if she asked & I guess I have to be okay with that amount of closure which is really none.

On to other stuff. Here are two things I learned from Harp magazine:

At the Experience Music Project Pop Conference, "A roundtable repartee from the Ego Trip collective of writers had the crowd roaring with advice like replacing 'nigga' with 'ninja' when singing hip hop." It seems so obvious once you hear it, right?

Also in a short feature on Mike Watt we find out that "Watt, like William S. Burroughs before him, had written an entire album's worth of material about his cat." His kitty died at 17 of brain cancer, & he was really sick for a while himself, so his new album is "The Illness Piece" & has material about both of them I guess. Love him.

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