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2003-08-13 - 1:38 p.m.

I saw Dirty Purty Things because I thought Lloyd must be in it. She wasn't at all, but still I liked it a lot. The main dude was so great, his eyes were always breaking my heart.

Last night Syd & I watched Joss's commentary for Hush. So fucking smart. I've watched it so many times & never realized the big theme of inability to communicate that went beyond the silence & included everything that was said in the talky parts. God. It makes me feel so dumb. But now I love it a thousand times more, & I also know that I can watch Buffy for the rest of my life & always find more in it. Also, him talking about how great a silent film actress Alyson would be, with her huge eyes & her funny funny comedy? Love it.

And of course I watched The Oc Rhymes With Cock last night. I don't know about it, if I'll be able to continue. I'll definitely watch next week, which I think is the Jane Espenson ep; but Sandy Gal makes me really really really really mad. I'm beginning to realize he does not intend to at any point open the curtain of hair over his eyes. And the entire teenagerization of his character is more than I can take, especially since the area around his eyes is beyond "old", & on to "zombie."

Andrew talked at dinner Saturday about how Gareth from "The Office" is a zombie. It made me really happy. I love knowing who are zombies, kind of like Busey needs to know who the Replicants and Greys are. I need to change my quiz right now.

*perv* *next*

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