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2003-07-12 - 11:08 a.m.

The Mekons did a gorgeous acoustic set last night. Jon was joking that they had to do a show to make money for Sally's plastic surgery, & then said that she performs it, & keeps getting sued. He said "Look at me! Yesterday I was a 12 year old Swedish boy." Sally said "Today you were in a 12 year old Swedish boy." People kind of booed. Um, that is fucking funny, do not boo. Later Jon told Sally "No one would ever accuse you of being creative." She told him "No one would ever accuse you of being thin." Jon announced that Rico had tanned himself into a leather wallet & they could now keep money in him, & Rico said "The old jokes are always the best." Fred Armisen was there & played drums with them on some songs. No, he did not bring any of his castmates with him. Had he brought Kattan, I'd have wound him up & given him Andrew's address. Or Nina's, if he was in the form of Peepers. WHICH SHE FINDS SEXY!!!!!

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