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2003-06-23 - 11:40 a.m.

I love going to Nick Cave shows early for fashion watch. People get so fancy. No one is ever so well dressed as Nick himself, though. I think he has a tailor on standby in case his body changes in any given hour. Completely perfect. The show was amazing. I hate the things people yell out. Huge manvoices bellow, during songs, "Yeah Nickyboy!" Did that person come alone? I certainly hope they left alone. I would not talk to Sydney for at least a week if she bellowed that out from the seat next to me. Ok, probably only a few hours. I'm sure she'd feel the same if I did it.

After the show, Syd, Chris & I met up with Merritt & James at The Beer Tube. They played tons of White Stripes & some Electric Six just as we were talking about going on VH-1 shows to tell stories about Tyler. He apparently has a song in the new Charlie's Angels? Fancy.

Maybe I should believe in marriage since Colin Cowie designs weddings. That is the biggest challenge to my thoughts about it that I've encountered in a long time.

Syd & I saw Whale Rider Friday. So good. Sydney wants to learn to fight like a Maori warrior. Only because sticking out your tongue as a threat is part of it.

Last night Nina in a very Jesus Christ of Nazarella type sacrifice shared her Vicodin with Sydney & myself, instead of guzzling them all down herself which I know any one of us would've wanted to do SO BADLY. We played dominoes, rummy, scrab, triv, boggle, & taboo. Lloyd circled our gaming table like a cream nosed little shark.

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