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2003-06-19 - 11:56 a.m.

Two great things I've read lately are "Persepolis" & Sherman Alexie's new book of short stories. The second was great enough to make me cry on the bus. Although the strollers alone on that bus had me near tears. The joke will be on me when I'm old & Sydney has to push me around in a stroller & change my diapers & everyone will say you hate babies & monkeys so much your whole life & look you are one.

"Sweet Sixteen" made me think of how much Ken Loach would love Brendan Sexton Sr Jr III IV Esquire's face. Right? He loves that kind of face. And also he directed Adrien Brody already & they should have a face-off, Brendan & Adrien. In a Ken Loach movie where a face-off is the only way out of this shitty town & so no judgements on people who participate in face-offs. And then in the end no one wins. I liked "Sweet Sixteen" but giving the sister or mother's stories equal time to the boy would've been even more compelling. Imagine that.

Did you see Johnny Depp on David Letty last night. Jesus. His HAIR. Does he look like Richard Brautigan? Am I manufacturing in my head how RB looks? I swear that's how Depp was. His outfit (all mangled layers of neutrals - maybe a vest?) & his hair - it's just a bad length for his hair, & with the blond streaks, it could easily be the hair of the Olson twins right now. Eew, was it on Salon that the Olson twins were referred to as veal? That makes me hungry.

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