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2003-06-16 - 12:52 p.m.

Saturday I worked the Andersonville street fair. When I say I worked it, I think you know what I mean. I mean I bigtime rigtime snigtime worked it. I sat at a table with books on it & read Venus & Bust magazine & watched my skin turn bright red, while everyone walking past got excited that Hillary Clinton is coming to the bookstore to do a signing & I tried to just keep in mind that I won't be even in the country during the signing, so I should just calmly put up with all these nads who think she is some sort of liberator of anyone & remember that this is bringing in a ton of $ to the store so we can at least exist for a while longer & bring authors to the store who are totally cool & seriously are liberators like Kathleen Cleaver for whom a total of maybe 30 people showed up. Compared to the many many hundreds who want to see your girl Hillary who has on the back cover of her book a picture that looks basically like her with her arm around Harry Knowles & then you realize it is her husband a long time ago with such enormous hair. He probably really doesn't look like H.K. at all but it's morphed into that in my mind.

I got off work, went straight to Chris's birthday barbecue that was so eloquently covered in dirtnerdluv.di, & like he said the evening was largely about doing shots with (and for?) The James. So fun!

Why don't they have it yet where I can click on something on my TV screen & buy it? God I would be buying all of the clothes on Fastlane for Andrew. I bet you could click on Busey during his show & like five minutes later he'd be knocking on your door, hollering out "Open sesame, butthorn!"

I had to get my hungover, dehydrated, headachy shit together for the parents' visit. My mom & aunt came to see me. They know Father's Day is an unfavorite day of the year for me. They brought me this laptop that I've already covered with butter. They took me to breakf, set this shit up, & left. Last night I went back over to the steet fest & saw the Waco Brothers. There were old drunk women, one with a lei tied around her head & the rest of it hanging down in a loop, hollering drunkenly & angrily back at the band's running commentary. All they got was charming kisses on the hands from the band. This is so my future.

Tomorrow morning, it's pap time! Bring it on!!!!

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