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2003-06-11 - 9:43 a.m.

�It looks like you landed from another planet, because you have so much teeth.� - Janice Dickinson I think her name is, an ex-supermodel, talking to one of the new models on that model show Andrew loves

I was so nervous & hyper stomachy about having to introduce Isabel Allende � hundreds of people all looking at me, & me having to hang out with her & get books pre-signed, & all the stupid logistics of the signing that I was supposed to know something about.

Then I was sitting a few hours before it started rewriting my introduction & I thought about what James Marsters would say to me. He would tell me to stand by the words I�d written to introduce her because they�re fine, & that really none of it�s about me because it�s all about her, & to just get up & read the shit like a normal human woman & not like a spaz. Why is the voice in my head that helps me know how to act come to me as the voice of a male celebrity? That is fucking weird. No matter how colossal my love for him, it needs to be ladies first inside this head. I�ll work on that. Maybe Janice Dickinson could�ve given me as awesome advice as Marsters did. I dunno.

Saturday I went to the Queer Is Folk Festival, since my friends were in town to play it. It was fun & there was free Thai food in the green room, that Dave & I ended up taking & eating super drunk from those enormous catering containers, in the parking lot of the karaoke bar. Then we went in & he sang �I Feel For You� & dedicated it to me. I would�ve dedicated it to Lloyd. Sydney would�ve dedicated it to Julian Rhind-Tutt. It didn�t have the rap part but he did it anyway?

I�d never seen Bitch & Animal before the festival. So awesome. Also a guy from Styx was there. He played with this band that was terrible but I thought they were all gay guys & I was being all decent about it in my head & then I found out only the lead singer was & then I was just so fucking annoyed. They sucked.

I wish I didn�t eat all my Pocky already.

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