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2003-05-09 - 9:56 a.m.

I'm excited about next season's Angel & just hope it doesn't degenerate into lots of office humor. We know Angel has no mirror reflection, but can he Xerox his ass?

Have you seen the Naked Chef lately? He used to be kind of hot, right? Now he's degenerated into Croc Hunter. It's gross & scary. His hair is chillingly bad.

You cannot WAIT to hear about my weekend. Last night I told the ladies about when I went to Autoworld to see the guy who played Pete Jannings & everyone was asking for kisses. He was giving them out for a while, & after like 10 ladies he seemed really embarassed & said no more. A few minutes later this woman was like "I know you said no more kisses, but my special friend here is wondering..." & there was this woman all fucked up retarded in a wheelchair & everything so he said "Aww, sure, c'mon sweetheart..." He was kissing everyone on the mouth, too. So I told that story & Syd's like "So you're getting a wheelchair for this weekend?" & Tish suggested we all take turns & it just seems like a disproportionate number of disabled ladies are attending Buffycon. I am for sure going to be head to the side, disabled tongue lolling out so Marsters has to deal with the tongue in his kiss.

*perv* *next*

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