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2003-05-05 - 6:23 p.m.

"Don�t forget that all outbreaks of love outside sanctioned venues still invite derisive epitaphs like �cheating� or �midlife crisis� while those that play by the rules will be community�sanctified with champagne and gifts in the expensive over-rehearsed costume rituals of the wedding-industrial complex (its participants stiffly garbed in the manner of landed gentry from some non-existent epoch: clearly, playing out unnatural roles is structured into these initiation rites as a test of the participants� stamina for role-playing as a social enterprise, and a measure of their resolve and ability to keep doing so in perpetuity)."

-Laura Kipnis, �Against Love: A Polemic�

The wedding-industrial complex! Totally! I love Laura Kipnis, since I was in college & read an essay she wrote about Hustler offering class analysis of it�s content, not just gender analysis. Awesome lady. I�m so happy about the questions she�s taking on in this new book � beyond whether romantic love is constructed & forced down our throats with propaganda, & on to why? How does this shit make us obedient, non-revolutionary citizens?

I was at a demo the other day & saw this dude with a huge pin that said �I LOVE FRENCH FRIES.� That anti-French retardation just kind of flew past me, so I didn�t think about it politically & was just like RIGHT FUCKING ON! I loved that he loved fries THAT MUCH that they warranted a pin as big as his No War pin. Then I figured it out though, & wasn�t so excited anymore.

The guy at the comic store said they almost had Nicholas Brendan there for a signing. What do you think I would say to him? I�m not sure. �Where�s Kelly, he�s the hot one.� That�s what I�d say. Or �Did you get some kind of odd triangular cheek implants?� Or �Do Amber Benson & James Marsters & Aly Hannigan & Tony Head actually talk to you, or no?� Or �I like it better when you aren�t clearly in some sort of war with the hair people.� Or �Please sign my tits with a yellow crayon. You�re the Zeppo & the buttmonkey & key guy & most of all the Heart & I love you Xander.�

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