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2003-05-01 - 11:03 a.m.

I woke up a while ago from a dream that you don�t care about but you know I will tell you. This church had been taken over by normal people & was being used for all these fun non-religious activities like learning how to make super glittery craft stuff. It was great & I was walking around & I found one dark room that no one was in. People were outside, afraid to go in. I walked inside & saw a TV that was all static. After a minute, a video came on. It was a video of a Christmas duet that Kate Hudson & David Letterman had made to proclaim their love to the world. GOD. It was about god & Santa Claus & it was a lot like Anya & Xander�s number in the musical, except Letterman was bent at the waist almost the entire time, & she�d do rolls over his back. Gross. Why why why. When I woke up Letterman�s dance was immediately familiar to me as the one that McConaughey did on Rosie O�Donnell�s show a long time ago when he showed how he�d dance to get a lady. It was bizarre & in his mind was clearly completely funktastic but to the outside world looked like some kind of private emergency. I think Sydney saw it & will remember, & you can ask her to demonstrate if you see her.

Now more than ever, I find that I can�t write about Buffy & Angel. I just wrote like ten things & deleted them. Here�s what I have to say: My summer is going to be made tolerable by the release of several important DVD sets. Buffy Season 4, Xena 1, & Nikita 1. Dude. And they�d better all have incredible extries like never-aired episodes & deleted naked scenes. And then in the fall, I�ll be obsessed with new Angel episodes, & it�ll seem weird that new Buffy doesn�t start but I�ll just pretend like it�s starting late. And then --- there will be a spinoff that features Willow, Xander & Giles & I don�t know maybe Faith & Clem & Spike & Dru & it�ll be incredible & on HBO & then after a few months SMG will get sick of Scooby Doo movies AND get sick of Prinze & she�ll resume her secret affair with Boreanaz & Dushku & then she�ll come back on & then the 2 shows will meld into one 2-hour show every week & every summer they�ll make a huge fantastic movie. And sometimes the movies are historical & sometimes they�re in the future & sometimes they�re just one character�s fantasy. And Buffy & Willow are in Manhattan at one point doing this one stuff and then they see Xena & Gab from the episode �Send in the Clones� & they all do stuff together. Evil-fighting, & also there is some business with Faith & Alti that I can�t get into but it is all dirty & growly & somehow Jennifer Tilly gets tied up. In it. Subplots involve Giles & Ewan McGregor, Miss Kitty Fantastico & Nick & Lloyd.

Lastly - I'm into Six Feet Under, although I haven't seen the 2nd season. Maybe this happened in Season 2 already, but I find Brenda & Billy really hot & would like to see them get it on. Did you know that lump of floury dough that Ruth is into has a real first name of Rainn & was in that Rob Zombie movie? Just checking.

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