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2003-01-09 - 10:25 a.m.

Have you seen the cover art for Nick Cave's next album? Sydney sent me a link to it yester. It's exactly like Mary J. Blige's last album cover - like he wanted to drop all pretense & just show his scars like Mary. "I'm just Nicky..." "No more! Drama!" I can't wait. Maybe he top secretly had Missy produce a track. Imagine if the video has him doing all weird funhouse mirror body & face things. He'd love that! He'd love it more if it was kitties though.

We got this book in at work yesterday called "Cat Culture", about all the social interactions among the residents of a cat shelter. It looks so fucking good, but probably there are sad parts so I don't know if I'll read it. It says that older cats who'd been there a while became "welcomers and rule-enforcers." SO CUTE!!!

I saw Two Towers and it was jamtastically awesome. I hope you don't mind me stealing that, but no other word will do. I so hope an army of badass elves show up to help Buffy & the wannabuffys. God, not even wanna - they are mostly so complainy & non-helpful. They should be fighting over who gets the honor of massaging Buffy's feet & tasting her food, & spend the rest of their time in constant weapons training & research mode. And of course, trying to make it with Willow. That's the real reason we know Kennedy's the one who knows how it is - the others are oblivious to the hotness of Willow? Losers.

I started thinking about the Scooby gang telepathy while I was at work yesterday, & I completely teared up & had to let it go. It's the most beautiful thing ever.

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