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2002-12-30 - 12:24 p.m.

God. I hate the stories I can�t tell. Can I make them really generic? A friend of mine made out at the bar with a celebrity lookalike (Professional? I don�t think so. Deliberate? YES) who also sang to our entire table? I couldn�t look at the lookalike, & pretended it wasn�t happening, & apparently by doing so missed seeing a mouthful of silver & gold teeth? Which this person may or may not have taken out to gesture with during a song?

Is this okay to tell? Without outfit details or location or friend�s name? Or of course, specific celeb? I guess I can only wait & ask my friend & try to get permission to tell all. I will say that when I told Merritt she asked if the song that the teeth may have (an urban legend begins) been taken out for was �Silver and Gold.�

Sydney had a birthday this weekend. We bowled & watched a lot of Mr. Show DVD with commentary. Dave is mine & Bob is hers. I like how Bob says Dave is violently bald, & that his baldness is like a knife. Andrew gave me the David Cross CD, which I�m excited to listen to. I like that Shaving the Pope�s Pussy is one of the tracks.

Last night I saw Quai des Orfevres at the Music Box. It was so good � the ladies were unbelievably lovely. There was a lesbian character that I so wish had been developed more. The main lady was so incredible, her face was just a tiny bit fleshy like Jennifer Tilly�s is sometimes, & she was so super sexy & kept wearing her hair in different ways & all these different heartbreaking outfits.

Make new friends. Keep the old.

Nina gave me some new socks, because she knows how disgustingly holey most of my socks are, & Hello Kitty earmuffs because Sydney told her how I�m wearing Dave�s ugly winter hat. Some other stuff too, including a framed photo of her cat Adrien with Santa, & a gross Polaroid of a dawg dressed like an old woman. It�s so maddening, it completely sickens me.

My day�s dilemma: The Hours? Chicago? Adaptation? Twin Towers? Bowling for Columbine? Standing in the Shadows of Motown? Talk to Her? And I know there are others...

*perv* *next*

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