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2002-11-25 - 11:41 a.m.

I spent this weekend sick with a coldy, reading that huge new SNL book. Here you go:

"I was in New York stuck on a sitcom with Mickey Rooney, Nathan Lane, Meg Ryan and Scatman Crothers called 'One of the Boys.' Mickey Rooney was always talking - 'I was the number one star in the worrrrld, you hear me? The worrld. Bang! The worrrld! Judy Garland never owned a car. They pumped her so full of drugs they killed her! How long has Robert Redford been in the business, ten years? I've been in the business sixty-one years!' He was sixty-two at the time. He would act out entire movies that he thought of, with lines like, 'How are you, Mr. Fuck? I'm Mrs. Shit.' "

-Dana Carvey

Yeah. So that's cool. It seems like the 3 cast members that no one interviewed had good things to say about were Janeane Garafolo, Nora Dunn, & Harry Shearer. Harry Shearer's a feminist?

Last night I refined my favorite late Sunday night game. I lie in bed & flip around the channels on my non-cable bedroom TV & watch parts of different shows & pretend it's all one big show. The new part is finding Buffy-related people. It's so easy. Ok, there is one insane show that I keep running across lately about 3 women who are something - detectives? Or something. I don't know any of them. But it seems like their Bosley is Ken the helper of runaways/supervisor in hell of Buffy ep "Anne", who also was on Angel marrying Doyle's ex-wife Harry (who is Yola from Chris Isaak show). And this week, Julie Benz (Darla) was also on this weird show of dumb ladies. So I totally won right there. Plus Bill's mom was on, from Freaks & Geeks, being all badass. I know I've maybe now lost everyone but Sydney & you can all skip ahead. BUT, then I flipped the channel & there was some odd Christine Baranski/Dave Chapelle/Andrew McCarthy movie with Kristy Swanson. Buffy related. Then CBS I think was showing "Truth or Consequences, NM" & there was a scene with Vincent Gallo (who just shouldn't be allowed on network TV) & Whistler. Buffy related. And finally, I watched some Files, Scully being all brave about her cancer, & Tim Minear was in the credit. Buffy related. What does this prove? That I'm fucking bad. I mean bored? I mean baked. Also I watched some of that later Cosby show where it's Cliff & Claire with no kids? That shit is fucking bizarre. It's just like a forum for him to act out. It's not right or fair.

I cannot get enough of Colin Cowie. I like when he's going on & on about his theories of entertaining & the camera will catch someone's face saying whoa. I love his brows. I love when he is shown in bed or in the bath. I want to look in his medicine cabinet, & smell his shampoo. If he had a line of Cowie fragrance I'd be so set for Andrew for Xmas.

Ok, Nick does this horrible facetwitch thing in his sleep that is JUST LIKE WHAT ANDREW WK DOES!!! You know? All going everywhere with every face part super fast. I almost put him in the street immediately the first time I saw it, but I've realized Botox will fix both of them up. I bet WK loves cats.

*perv* *next*

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