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2002-11-21 - 10:42 a.m.

I just woke up from a dream that all took place in an airport. I was just back from Europe with John Larroquette, & going on to Canada by myself. I lost him in the crowd & felt rude not saying goodbye. I got on the plane & realized I had the TV Guides both from my apartment & my mom's. I was feeling bad that mom & Sydney would be without them all week, when this nice lady said she had something to show me. The plane was several stories tall, & there was a fish tank that went from top to bottom & you could look from any floor & see different stuff. However, I must have been tripping to think it was a fish tank, because she told me to look closer & it was actually a huge bar of fancy waffles & cakes! Behind glass! And she was going to show me the secret entrance. I woke up then. But it's still inside my head & it was so pretty.

I'm reading Paul Feig's book "Kick Me." It makes me miss Freaks & Geeks a lot. It also makes me think about all this stuff from being a kid that I'd happily forgotten. Like when I peed on this plastic table & tried to tell my mom my dad must have done it. Saying it all like I was concerned about him.

Pam Pam's hung for brekky!

*perv* *next*

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