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2002-11-09 - 4:37 p.m.

I ended up seeing my friends' show. So good. They're going to learn Buffy songs for me. Also songs from the Xena music eps, & Hedwig.

I was flipping channels when I was super baked & I swear to god it said, written out, "kangaroos + unicorns = plates of meat." I swear swear swear swear to anything you want that that is true. I think it was on Graham Norton & the audience was laughing really hard. Is that some terrible British slang? What if Spike mutters that during sex? Says it all seething-like, through his teeth. I guess that'd be ok.

Remember that movie about the castrati? Is that the right plural word? Anyway, I kept thinking about it during Fastlane & realized it was because the title is something exactly like Peter Facinelli. I wish it starred him, I know I'd hate it so much that I'd have to go rent it right this second. His sweet voice breaking glass, while his shirt falls off every five seconds. Van & Deaq. Their names on Fastlane are Van & Deaq. Sydney is still going to call them Crockett & Tubbs. I can't wait til next week when Val gets high.

*perv* *next*

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