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2002-11-07 - 1:06 p.m.

My friends are in town tonight to play a show that I can't go to because I work. God.

Rachel Dratch in the gaming skit on SNL. I hope you saw it. That is totally how I want to act all the time, & probably would if I had a different, uppier, drug of choice. I want to threaten people with trees I've uprooted. It's so funny, & I just don't think of it.

A certain friend of mine works with a dog. Like, a dog works at the same place she works. The dog is named Smiley & wears bandannas. I think that's the most fucked up dog name & accessory ever. Ok, obviously there could be more fucked up accessories. But, if you had a rating that combined how fucked up a dog accessory is with how common it is, bandannas would totally win. Smiley, you suck, you rottenass diaperfucker.

*perv* *next*

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