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2002-11-04 - 9:26 a.m.

I wasn't there but Kelly Link came by my work & was happy that I wrote a recommendation for her book & put it in front of the store. I was excited to hear about it, & wonder if she said "Hey if you're ever in Brooklyn let's write a book together" & my work people forgot to tell me because jealousy.

Also last week was the week of Dorothy Allison. I knew when I got the job that she'd come sometime, but I still can't believe it happened. I introduced her, & she gave me hugs, & everyone said my intro was amazing which it'd better be since I typed it all out & edited it & just tried so super hard to convey the awesomeness of her. She talked about how butch women are going away & bring back butch is her next political movement after this war issue gets settled. She said of the butches, her voice a little frantic "I mean, I only date one kinda thing, & you're going away!" She read the first story from "Trash," which you need to get the new printing of, with it's new story & intro. She signed mine "You were wonderful" & said I could tell people it means whatever I want it to mean. I love her so.

I wanted a weekend of big performance from ladies, so I rented "Funny Girl," "Barbarella," & "Times Square." Oh my god, Times Square was so the shit. It made me want to tear up all my clothes & just run around all day making DJs fall in love with me. Like how Mancow loves you. Tim Curry is super young & beautiful in it.

"Funny Girl" was fun when she was singing all big & dramatic, but jesus, all that for Omar fucking Sharif? No charisma at ALL. Just snakey & not in any kind of sexy Spike way. God. Boring & wooden, he was. I really loved the big bridal number, as I was super stoned & didn't realize it was a bridal number for a while, & then just ignored that part.

"Barbarella" had dolls with jagged steel teeth. But it also had Anita Pallenberg with these super sexy switchblade bracelets. God, I want a switchblade bracelet.

"Real Women Have Curves" & "Satin Rouge" both had awesome sexy ladies doing dances with their bellies showing! Both were really good. There was a lady in the 2nd movie who'd stamp her feet & call out like a macaw when she liked something. I don't really know how a macaw sounds. It was like a high-pitched but croaky "BRAK!" sound. But had nothing to do with Brak.

I just finished reading "Girl, in Parts" & I liked it a lot with it's scary disturbing images & it's cribbing of certain events from my life. Like the domination of the perpetual recess four-square game by one gross kid who was always server & wouldn't let anyone but his friends be in squares 2 & 3, & then I came along & kicked some major ass & got up to square 3 even though they never ever played fair. It's in the book. And also the disturbing images part is things like the fact that her baby brother had gum on the back of his neck for weeks & it got all grey & she was like "mom get it off" & her mom was like "it'd hurt. just leave him alone." Um - no? That is fucking GROSS.

I watched some of this show with Adam whatever & Jimmy whatever & JB & KG & that gross bald VJ & they were watching metal vids & supposed to make jokes. I hate that if it was a normal metal countdown they'd never put Hole in it but because it was supposed to be joke fodder, they included her & were hoping for misogynist Courtney jokes. Everyone was just like "I'm not saying a thing, I'm afraid of her." Good for her. JB didn't say much the whole time I was watching. It was a lot more of the man show dudes talking than the D. He is like me! Quiet in a group! He is EXACTLY like me. He is me. He is me. He is me. Heme.

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