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2002-10-26 - 12:06 p.m.

Would you watch a special that was me & Croc Hunter goin' to git Dave Attell? We'd track him by his scent. You can imagine it. How I'd savor his roar when threatened. The pictures I'd snap of Croc mounting him, screaming about how much of a beaut she is.

Oh yeah. I can't believe I forgot to tell about Merritt & her matter of fact knowledge that Sammy Hagar could have pants on with a pattern like maybe chili peppers, & I think maybe you'd tell him they're nice, & he'd say "They do this" or something, & he'd pull a cord (no) & all of a sudden fwoosh the material comes out into an enormous tent & you are both inside it.

I had an awesome evening filled with ladies last night. I recommend it highly. Get it? I recommend it HIGHly. Do you get it? It's kind of a sly play on words. You probably do not even get it.

The best part of all didn't happen at the show, but was Afeni singing "Let Me Rest in Peace" for us in my apartment.

*perv* *next*

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