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2002-10-22 - 9:27 a.m.

I was waiting in line Sunday for my caramel apple, & it was really super hectic. Everyone and their THREE YEAR OLD found it a good day to come to Apple Holler. It was my turn & it was all crowded & crazy & I had to buy an apple for Syd & one for me. I said to the lady behind the counter "I'd like one apple with plain chocolate, and one caramel with nuttys." As soon as the last word was out of my mouth, I heard huge evil laughter behind me from the likes of Nina & Sydney. Then "Oh. My. GOD. With NUTTYS." I felt super gross. I didn't mean to say that at all, it is totally gross, I laughed through the rest of the transaction & then went outside with Nina trailing me saying in my ear "Oh my god. What if that was you. You've had a long day here, it's packed, you're super tired & just want to go home, & someone comes up & says that to you? You'd be like, 'I don't have time for this.' God. She's probably going to quit." I'm so sorry I said nuttys. It's the stupidest thing ever. I am worse & worse lately with drifting off as I'm actually speaking, & saying really retarded shit. Oh well. At least it gives me seriously KICKASS stories for the diary. Right?

There were way too many kids at the Holler. I kept getting pissed off that I'd want to take pictures of the ladies in the little grey house or at the other photo op sites, but there would be all these children completely hogging. Plus when you are basically as tall as another person's knees, don't walk right right RIGHT in front of that person across their path & mutter "scumee" under your breath because that's not decipherable as excuse me, & because you will get stepped on.

I had cider-braised ribs.

There was a band playing. They played "Caribbean Queen" as we walked up, & also "I Will Survive" & "Monster Mash." All the classic Halloween jams.

Chris looked long & hard for a good pumpkin & they were pretty much picked over. Still, I liked being in a pumpkin patch. It's not a place I find myself very often. I didn't want to carry one around, & just took lots of pictures of them.

I miss Andrew's bedtime tuck-me-in calls. In his absence, I'm reading a bunch of comics he lent me a long time ago, mostly Penny Century. God, they rock. I haven't read Love & Rockets in so long, & when I did it was really sporadic. It makes me want to go back to the beginning & read them carefully. I also want to be a character in them.

I watched Mike Leigh's "Naked" this weekend. So, Tom Green modeled his look on that guy? Great choice. It was interesting reading different reviews online how people not just analyzed it differently, but actually described it really differently. Like Ebert didn't even call the first scene a rape. He just said he was having rough sex with a woman in an alley. That is such a different movie - whether you start out knowing the main guy is a rapist, or just knowing he likes rough sex in the alley. And some critics went on about Johnny's wit, while others were just like yuck. Um, to me he belonged in Waking Life. His character was as much torture for me to listen to as everyone was in that movie. And a cartoonist could have a bunch of fun with his facial hair. Especially the mustache that went PAST THE LIP and that ladies kept kissing. GOD!

Lloyd & Nick are on the couch totally doing the Monster Mash.

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