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2002-10-14 - 11:23 a.m.

Ida-Red visited, & we went to Carol's with Andrew, Sydney, Chris, James, & a bunch of other folk. Apparently some master plan was made to have celebrities swim-race through hot dog cream? Or hot dog water? Or hot dog cream-water? That's cool. The entire discussion must've happened while I was in the bathroom, because I remember none of it.

As much as I loved the Sabu film, I think "Madame Sata" is my favorite of the fest. It's based on a true story, of this badass black Brazilian queen who isn't too well known outside of Rio. It won for best film of the fest. The director was super smart & cool & articulate. He gave really interesting answers to each question. It was a lot of black skin. Like, the movie screen filled with black skin time & again, & it was lit all beautifully & looked sparkling like jewels or a beach. He talked about the process he did to the negative to make everything look kind of weird & more contrasting than in real life, & how so much of the film was looking at bodies, & so he really wanted a textured look to his main character's skin. Lovely, & transfixing, & of course sexy, & poetic. Yay.

Once again, with Fred on "Angel", Joss shows us the transformation of a flawed woman character into a leader. It would still be an awesome thing if it were only Buffy; her journey in itself is a truly transcendent pleasure to watch. But...the fact that he is clearly not interested just in showing One Great Woman, but showing us again & again, different women stepping up & finding their individual power & leadership style & kicking ass. That is what makes his work so seriously feminist. It's not just the chosen one. We all are that, given the support of others who appreciate our individual talents. And I love that it looks like we're now going to deal with the problems with that, which is that stepping up to leadership as a woman can easily become being everyone's mommy. When she talked about having to pay all the bills? Totally something Cordelia did. The men do not do that shit. I love that it's being addressed. And you know I love Wesley & Lilah. They each look 10 degrees hotter every single time I see them. Hot hot hot. Poor Angel. The smells he has to smell. Think about it.

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