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2002-09-30 - 12:33 p.m.

"Secretary" - LOVED IT. Beautiful & romantic.

"The Good Girl" - Jerri Blank's mom is in this. I wonder if Amy Sedaris got introduced through her to John C. Reilly, since she always says on talks shows that she thinks it's hot how he looks like a shovel hit him in the face. There was one part that made me think about how much capitalism oppresses men too, & how there's this space between where they get mistreated & disappointed by life, but then too often turn around & take it out on women. In the space between their hurt & their hurting us, my heart breaks for them. But then after, I just hate them.

"Igby Goes Down" - I mostly heard that this was so-so, & went to see Kieran's heavy eyelids. I was not disappointed, they were on the screen almost the whole time. Loved him. Claire Danes' skeleton impression is right on.

"Swimming" - Lauren Ambrose is one lovely lady. Such a nice coming-of-age film, & several complex woman characters. Also the guy in the van is your boyfriend. Lauren kept reminding me of Amber Benson in this. So much going on in the face, & if either of them gave you a slow smile, you'd feel really lucky.

"Notorious C.H.O." - I loved it except why does she do that America bullshit. At the beginning, & then later on in the self-esteem thing about if you don't have it you go for the job you want, report a rape, call yourself an American. Um. First of all, she apparently only sees the audience for her words as being American, which is her severely underestimating herself. Secondly...you know. That's gross? And really really really gross right now. But the rest of the material, I loved.

Beauty & the Beast - Completely beautiful. A crew of your friends came in about 20 minutes late & sat behind me. They were whispery for a few minutes then settled down. The second the movie was over, one woman said loudly "Could that have been any OLDER?" Full of disgust. Do people just stumble in to see things having no idea what they are? Do their friends blindfold them & take them to movies they have no interest in? Can I blindfold you & lead you into that Antonio Banderas/Lucy Liu movie? I bet it's better than "Waking Life."

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