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2002-09-09 - 10:57 a.m.

I had the most amazing shake yesterday from this place in my neighborhood. It featured Ghirardelli white chocolate, fresh lemon, & vanilla ice cream. So so so amazing. I can't stop thinking about it. I thought there might be one in my fridge when I got up, just because I wanted it so bad. Nope. You know who would like it is Vern! He would drink it & decorate a room inspired by it at the same time. He is obsessed with citrus. That is a man who gets his C. I worry that he had a scurvy scare at some point in his life, maybe was kidnapped by pirates. Poor little Vern! Frank was probably the leader of the pirates, with his gross nautical themes. Can't you hear him snapping "Ah am so through with you - walk the plank!"

My goal for today is 2 movies, but I might just make one movie & do lots of reading. Definitely lots of touching Lloyd's butt, because she is dying for it.

Sydney just sent me a list of TV premiere dates, & MAN am I excited. I'm going to tell Andrew spoilers he doesn't want to know, like "Larry David is supposedly going to be a real ass this season!" We also just bought a film festival pass. Love love love love love love love love love love love love love the fest!

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