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2002-08-26 - 4:08 p.m.

Ida Red is nervous about becoming teacherly in her mode of dress, & wrote me that she bought a pack of seasonal patterned turtlenecks. She & I share a hatred of turtlenecks of any sort, & those kind are - the worst? Or the BEST? Good 'n snug. It made me think about how limited the patterns are, & how I'd wear them if they had good patterns (although I'd HAVE to tear the neck out). Patterns I'd wear if they were on those turtlenecks instead of balloons & flowers:




Ok, any weapons.


Drug paraphernal

Tiny Buffys staking tiny vampires

Kittens making out with butterflies, with tongue

Little PJ Harveys

Little Nick Caves


Cat noses

Anything to do with Miami Vice, as long as that's obviously what it is & it's not just palm trees

Black power fist

Wooderson smoking a joint

Angel & Spike making out, even without tongue I'd still wear it

Joan Crawford

UNICORNS, which maybe they have, but mainly if it was badass unicorns who are pissed

Last night I watched "Hysterical Blindness" & it was really mortifying & uncomfortable & riveting. I would've liked more if it, even. Uma Thurman played the most frustrating character. I want more of her & Juliette Lewis. I wish I could've seen them younger, too. I also watched "Margarita Happy Hour" which is ABSURDLY DEPRESSING & the only reason to see it is if you have a friend who's knocked up & thinking about keeping it & you want to shock some sense into her. Let her watch this movie & see the depression that is having a baby. Or show her Sex & the City from this week & say "See? Imagine I'm not as nice as Samantha, BECAUSE I'M NOT." I also watched "Klute". Jane Fonda was amazing. I started thinking about her & aerobics, & got really sad. That must've really sucked if you followed her in the 70s & loved her & then all of a sudden she does that. God.

If you don't know Lloyd by now. You will never never never never know Lloyd no you won't.

*perv* *next*

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