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2002-08-19 - 2:37 p.m.

Saturday night Sydney & I watched "Soul Survivor" which stars Faith as Faith. Faith as Faith makes out with Angela Featherstone. I like it like that & so do you. The bad part is that they take corny porny scenarios like a paint fight that centers on rubbing the paint on your tits..& the necessary shower afterward...& take out the sex. Um...good idea. You should see Faith. NO - you should see what Sydney had to rewind the tape for because I most shockingly missed it. The ENORMOUS, ASS-COVERING amount of leaves that Casey Affleck had on him in one scene when he got up from lying on the ground. I cannot believe they didn't reshoot the scene, when he had that many leaves on his butt. It was awesome & amazing.

At first when Angela Featherstone was in the credits, I was thinking she should be in better movies than this by now. But now I'm fully prepared to invest in a series of Faith/Featherstone Nasty Gurlz productions. Should I start on a script, or spend a few weeks with them to really get a feel & maybe record some improv?

Angela was lucky to get to play the evil lesbian. That must be the funnest to play of all offensive stereotypes, if you had to choose. At least you get to be hot & menacing.

I should say right now that the Faith/Feath scenes were surrounded by scenes of loudness & terror & confusion that were a lot to take. Knowing this, you could just fast forward whenever you wanted.

I also saw "Metropolis" at the Music Box last night. It was good. No one from Buffy was in it.

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