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2002-08-08 - 9:57 a.m.

I tried watching Red Shoe Diaries a few times before, & couldn't really do it. But the other night...was different. So perfect. Mulder, whose name is Red Shoes, was getting it on with Laura Palmer in a beret. It was so weird. She walked around his apartment telling him things about himself. Later, he did the same to her & she got really pissed off. That's all I can really remember. Then, the next one came on & Margaret Cho's name was in the credits. But she was only on for a few seconds as a phone sex co-worker of the main lady. The main lady had an abusive husband who looked like an ugly Mulder. Not like Shandling who is the Spitting Image Mulder, but like Mulder taken in the other direction. Smoothed out too much instead of crumpled up. I don't know. Bad.

They were really good when I was watching them, but I can't remember much now. I know Sydney & I talked a lot directly to Red Shoes about whatever he was doing or saying. Why is that his name? I guess it's one of those shows where if you don't watch from the beginning, you're really going to be lost.

I watched Shadow of the Thin Man, & part of Thin Man Goes Home. So good. I love Mister Nick Charles. I wish so much that he & Nora could've been shown getting it on. He spanks her in the latter one, & it's really weird. I had to rewind & watch like three times. She's screaming "Not in front of your parents!" I guess they did what they could to let you know.

Does anyone have any good Jeffrey Tambor gossip?

*perv* *next*

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