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2002-07-30 - 10:13 a.m.

Again. I'm happy that Andrew comes over for Sex & the City. Good times. But - if only he didn't interrupt every few seconds to pontificate loudly on his plans for a clown kama sutra? And wasn't taking yoga specifically to be able to act it all out for me? Scare.

He really did come up with clown kama sutra, & said it to me over dinner before the show. Mean.

Last night I saw "Britney Baby One More Time" at the les/gay film fest, & everyone cheered so loudly when Mark & Mike came onscreen. This is a movie that's definitely better for being watched with a big gay audience. Otherwise, you could get tired of it. But Mark plays a character called Dude Schmidt, & Mike his brother Mike Schmidt. So that's cool.

There was this guy in the row in front of me with the longest toes. It was so sickening, & of course he felt free to wear sandals. Ugh. Long & flat, like every morning he put them in a special press. UGH.

I have to get some cereal & read up on stains.

*perv* *next*

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