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2002-07-28 - 10:24 p.m.

I rented Tod Browning's Dracula which I'd never actually watched, although we all think of Bela as Drac. I liked Renfield & think he should have a show with Seinfeld. He does make big Kramery entrances in the movie, & there can be lots of plots revolving around cases of mistaken identity, all based on the names. Good stuff!

Today I realized I really prefer Season 4 of Buffy to Season 5. They are my two least favorite seasons & 4 is pretty damn good. And 5, in last place, still has some awesome episodes, like Family. I watched a lot of 5 today & all the Joyce stuff was sooo depressing, although I didn't watch The Body because I'm not insane. Still, even with that going on, I laughed a lot. Tara is so extremely sexy. Her slow smiles are like nobody else's. I want to compare her smiles to some kind of food. Like a 7 layer dip? Eew. You wish I'd write erotica, I know.

Ok - so, the director of Read My Lips, in that free IFC magazine, says he started out with the premise of a cute guy & an ugly woman. Um. So when did he abandon it & decide to use a beautiful woman & a man who's face was seemingly carved out of wood by someone angry or in a hurry? I can't stand that she's supposed to be ugly. What are you even talking about. I did like the movie though, a lot.

10:30. Buffy rerun's on. Even though I have them all on tape, I still like watching them when I know lots of other people are. It is a complete & total jamsicle.

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