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2002-07-11 - 11:00 a.m.

Syd & I watched the first 4 eps of Larry Sanders last night. I'd never seen any except once the last part of the Carol Burnett one, where her skull is about bursting out of her face because she's seen his balls. I totally loved it all & am excited to see more, although it really is just like The Newsroom, which I'm grateful to Greg for turning me on to. Ew. I HATE when people say that. I mean, I'm grateful for Greg for sending it to me & letting me know it's funny.

There's a part where a network exec says "Hello, Larry" & Shandldawg makes a joke about how network execs shouldn't be allowed to say that. Hello, Larry will be a punchline for the rest of time?

I then had a Shandling dream last night. NOT dirty. Just listening to him talk & studying his face or something. Not really my favorite dream.

So then I got up this morning & was rewinding tapes & stuff in my bedroom & Different Strokes was on. Diff'rent? Is it spelled crazy like that? It was an early one & Arnold was saying "I like these western women" because some blonde girl had carried his bag for him & he kept saying he was in love with her & "Willis, some got it, some don't" & the girl looked so familiar & her voice was familiar & then we see her father played by Mister Maclean Stevenson & lo & fucking behold it is an ep of D'ff'r'nt Strokes that Hello, Larry SPUN OFF OF. I had no idea. The little bits I saw of the ep made no sense at all, & the worst part was you didn't want to hear the kids talk because that was just torture, but then they'd go to the adults & you'd actually have to watch Maclean & Conrad Bain acting together. Is that his name? I forget which Conrad is on D'''''t Strokes & which was the dad of Mork's Mindy.

They'll have theirs, you'll have yours, & I'll have mine....AND TOGETHER WE'LL BE FINE.

*perv* *next*

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