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2002-06-05 - 10:29 a.m.

I dreamt that Tara came back. She was scared & didn't know why she was back, just that someone was after her. I protected her while we were chased. I knew everything to do, fighting-wise & smarts-wise. I was full of adrenaline & love for her. After a while we realized not everyone could see her. We kept almost finding the other Scoobies, but not quite. & we were nervous about who would be able to see her of the Scoobies, & wondering if we both were ghosts.

Here I present to you the first of many quotes to come your way while I read Motley Crue's autobiographical tome "The Dirt" (you wish you'd been around me when I was reading D.L. Roth's autobiog, you'd have had constant earfulls of loud sexy goodness):

"I was calling myself Zorky Charlemagne at the time..."

-Mick Mars

"The Dirt"

p. 40

*perv* *next*

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